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PMP is an executive coaching firm founded in 1987 delivering change leadership services; supporting organizational leaders in the development of cultures that foster creativity, openness, and accountability; resulting in the successful implementation of innovative methods, systems and practices. We are former business owners and corporate managers, each with decades of real-world experience from diverse backgrounds. We help you bring forth the talents and gifts of each member of your organization by helping you create a culture rooted in personal growth.

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“The PMP program has transformed our approach to problem solving the ongoing challenges we face as an executive team in a behavioral health organization. The PMP program is not a training but rather an experience through which you learn how to tap into the “passion,” of employees, create an environment that promotes team work, encourages creative problem solving, and opens the door for the natural leaders in the organization to step up and help lead. The program is so successful because of Mark and Brad’s passion for their work, their talent for understanding barriers that impede organizational success, and most importantly their ability to create an environment in which people are able to address these barriers and move towards change.”

Roy Marshall,
CEO, Child & Family
Guidance Center,
Northridge CA

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