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Strategic Planning Revitalization

  • Virtually every organization today conducts some form of strategic planning. It is considered one of the key functions of effective leadership. These plans, are, for the most part clear, well-constructed and present a useful pathway to future aspirations.
  • However, the realization of these plans fails too often to achieve the intended outcomes as a result the fatal flaws.

Critical flaws:

  1. An absence of a powerful and compelling statement of the organization’s purpose (Mission Statement)
  2. The plan is too long, has too much emphasis on the details, trying to cover all the bases of opportunity and contingencies.
  3. There is little effort to ensure that those responsible for execution of the plan are designated as accountable.
  4. Promises to deliver on specific actions steps are neither requested or made.
  5. People rarely realize the appropriate consequences, either positive or negative.

PMP brings its long history of effective skill training for the key leaders in how to develop a consistent, useful tool in managers hands that leads to the organization’s growth and prosperity.